Electric car incentives from governments

Photo General Motors/Clipper Creek/BF Nagy, bfnagy.com/clean-eneIn 12 states and three Canadian provinces very generous incentives now make the purchase price of an electric car more or less the same as buying a new gas powered car. This means you can help the environment and save a couple thousand dollars each year on fuel, without paying an up front premium. In Ontario get up to $14,000 off the car purchase, up to $1000 for a fast Level 2 charger at home, and up to $7500 for employee chargers at your place of business. Elsewhere the incentives are lower but still generous. The car purchase incentive in Quebec is up to $8000, and in BC up to $6000. In the USA a federal tax credit up to $7500 on the car purchase, plus a few thousand or hundreds more from state governments in a dozens states. For more information click above on Incentives.

Photo General Motors/Clipper Creek/BF Nagy, bfnagy.com/clean-energy-success-blog, bfnagy.com, solutions, #cleantech, #electriccar, #climatechange. Sustainability, Chevy Bolt, climate change, energy savings, clean tech, electric car, Clipper Creek, chargecar.ca, battery on board.

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