Millions saved on fleet vehicles for sales team

Photo Packsize,, bfnagy.comHanko Keissner at Packsize Packaging has a fleet of 50 electric company vehicles, mostly used by salespeople. He has 53 charging stations in front of his packaging plant in Salt Lake City, and a 200,000-watt solar PV system on the roof. He says the benefits are numerous, starting with fuel savings. If a fleet vehicle travels 200,000+ miles, fuel cost savings are between $50,000 and $60,000 for a total of $2 million – $3 million. Maintenance savings are about 50%, or several thousand dollars more per vehicle. Non-sales employees have begun buying electric cars and charging them while at work in the plant and office. They save about $1000 per year by charging for free at work, but Hanko estimates that because of the solar panels it only costs the company about $100. These initiatives align with the brand. Packsize develops environment-friendly packaging. They also increase employee pride, and make retention and recruitment easier.

Photo Packsize,,, solutions, #cleantech, #electriccar, #climatechange. Sustainability; climate change, energy savings, clean tech, electric car,, battery on board, Packsize, climate change, green; solar, electric cars, charging stations, Hanko.

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