Electric cars can save you a a great deal of money, while helping contain your personal carbon footprint, or help your organization meet it’s sustainability goals. When you buy an electric vehicle, it generally comes with a Level I charger, which can take up to 10 hours to fully charge that vehicle.

This level of efficiency may not suit your personal lifestyle or your organization’s operation. That’s where Level II or Level III chargers come into play, and where can help. We provide expertise and service to support decisions about what is becoming a complex area. Numerous electric car models and charging station options are coming onto the market every day. We stay on top of the trends and technical details for you.

  • Product explanations
  • Charging hardware supply & installation
  • Software training
  • Accessories
  • Grant assistance
  • Need assessments
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Pilot test design & implementation
  • Charging station design & configuration
We want to help you lead the charge into a new age of cleaner transportation choices!